Hypnobub Skyla Grace

I woke up at 6am on the 21/01/17 (one day after my guess date of 20/01/17) with mild

surges which continued consistently every 10mins. I was very excited and ready to birth our

baby, worried that labour may stop I decided to do what I could to encourage things to keep

moving along. My fiancé Jamie and I cleaned the house and put up new curtains in living

room and bedroom, I then got on the ride-on mower and mowed the lawn (stopping for a

minute when I needed to and breathing through each mild surge).

I had a shower and then at around 2.30pm I called the maternity unit to inform them of my

progress, at this point I was still having surges lasting up to one minute consistently every

10mins. Due to us living almost 2hours away from the hospital the midwife suggested

coming in to check my progress. We decided to take bags for hospital and an overnight bag

for an apartment in town where we would go to stay if I was not kept in at the hospital at

this stage.

Around 5pm we arrived at the hospital, after being monitored for about 30mins midwife

and Dr were happy all was looking well, surges were still mild and around 7mins apart, we

were allowed to leave the hospital. Jamie and I booked into an apartment in town so we

could labour there as long as possible knowing we were only a few minutes drive from the


I laboured in the apartment, I had an aromatherapy bath, listened to hypobirthing tracks

and Native American flute music. After my bath I laboured on the couch, on the bed, and on

the birth ball. Jamie used light touch massage to help through the surges which were

building in intensity. At 11pm the surges were quite intense and 3 mins apart, so we decided

it was time to head back to the hospital.

At 11.30pm I was 3cm dilated. The midwife put the lights on low, put the aromatherapy

diffuser on, pushed the bed up against one wall creating more floor space and brought the

birth ball, birth stool and floor mat into the room for me creating the beautiful calm

environment in the birth suite I had hoped for.

Between midnight and approx. 2am I laboured in the bath listening to hypnobirthing tacks

and Native American flute music. Jamie used a cold face cloth to help keep me cool and held

my hand when I needed him to for support. I managed to breathe my way through the

surges quite well at this stage. The midwife came in a few times and checked baby’s heart

rate, she did this very discreetly and did not interrupt the calm environment in any way.

At about 2am I felt like I wanted to get out the bath and move around a bit more, from

around 2am-3.30am I laboured sitting/resting in the chair between surges and standing up

leaning over the other chair during surges, intensity had really increased by this time, I was

quite vocal during surges. Jamie used counter pressure on my back and held and supported

me during surges.

At 3am after labouring for 21hrs using only hypnobirthing techniques I was beginning to

really struggle with the intensity of the surges and asked to try some gas and air, I got some

relief from this. Jamie continued to support me and encourage me with my breathing

techniques and frequently gave me drinks of water when I needed it.

I then started labouring on all 4’s over a beanbag on the bed as I was completely exhausted

by this point, I think more than once I stated “I can’t do this anymore” Jamie continued to

support me reminding me I could do it and feeling this way meant baby was getting closer. I

was struggling to breathe through the surges and as my breathing became erratic using gas

and air was difficult, at this point I asked Jamie to ask midwife what my options were for

pain relief. I was told I could have a pethidine injection or epidural, I opted for injection

which I was told could take around 15mins to take effect. The midwife had to check how

dilated I was to make sure I could have it, at this stage I was 4cm dilated and 80% effaciated.

5 mins later my water began to break, this gave me immediate relief from pressure. We

had about an hour where intensity was less extreme and I was able to use the gas and air

efficiently and breathe through the surges again, Jamie would hold mouthpiece for me and

place it in my mouth when I needed it during surges, and gave me sips of water too as

needed between surges.

I began feeling the urge to bear down, so with each surge I was bearing down. There was a

shift change around 7am, and at 8am one of the new midwifes who had come on shift

suggested moving through to the shower, I was feeling exhausted and had enough of being

on all 4’s, I felt like I had been bearing down and wasn’t making much progress so decided

to give it a go.

I stood up in the shower holding onto the handrails, Jamie used shower to spray water on

my back which provided some amazing much needed relief in my lower back. I was able to

go with my body as I naturally felt the urges to breathe and bear down with surges, I did this

very vocally. After around 20mins in the shower going with my body, bearing down in a

standing squat position during surges, I felt baby was getting nearer. The midwife said she

could see baby’s head, another big breath down and baby’s head was out, I got my breath

back, waited on the next surge and one more big loud effort and our beautiful baby was

Bliss! Hypnobub Skyla Grace.

born in the shower at 8.20am on 22/01/17.

The midwife rubbed her down behind me as I continued to hold onto the rails for support.

She then passed baby up to me, I held her to my chest. The midwife asked me if I had seen

what we had, I looked and surprisingly announced “it’s a girl” (my gut instinct had been boy

throughout pregnancy). The midwife brought a chair over, I sat in the shower holding our

beautiful daughter with Jamie standing next to us. When the cord stopped pulsating I cut

the cord. After around 5mins we moved back through to the room and I sat on the bed.

At 8.30am I birthed the placenta naturally, between 8.30-9am I held our daughter (skin to

skin) all was calm, Jamie was next to us; we did it. Despite being completely exhausted there

are no words to explain the feeling of pure joy and love I felt for Jamie and the baby at this


At 9am the bleeding had not stopped (I had lost 700units at this point) I had to have an IV

put in to clot blood, nurse performed uterine massage and put in a urinary catheter. The

bed was moved back into the middle of the room. As the midwives became more

increasingly concerned that bleeding still was not stopping, there was a sense of panic in the

room as they disagreed about IV measures, I think I remained calm because I was so

exhausted, I began to use the gas and air again as it took several attempts at catheter due to

swelling and uterine massage was very uncomfortable.

At 10.30 my Dr (Obs/Gyn) was called in, he checked for deep internal tearing (as was no

external tearing) there was none, he removed blood clots and checked for any left-over

placenta, then used vaginal packing to stop bleeding, I continued to use gas and air

throughout. Whilst the midwives and Dr were working to control the bleeding our baby had

cuddles with her Dad Jamie, he stood close by and held our baby close to me so I could still

see them both. They did take Jamie and baby just outside room to do baby’s checks at one

point. I did become emotional around this time, with tears flowing down my cheeks I wasn’t

really sure why, I guess it was just pure exhaustion at that point.

At 1pm we were finally able to move through to the ward. We decided to call our precious

baby Skyla Grace Dilges, she was 6.8lbs (3.1Kilo’s) and passed all her checks with no issues.

Skyla and I spent 3 nights in the hospital, Jamie stayed at a motel and spent the days with

us. During my time in the hospital the midwives were very supportive helping us to establish

breast feeding.

Fiona and Jamie with Skyla Grace.

On Wed 25/01/17 we brought our beautiful daughter Skyla home, where she met her

canine siblings (our 3 dogs Moe, Bonnie & Swags) who were very happy to have us home

and who have all happily welcomed Skyla into the pack.

Although my pregnancy was difficult (suffering from severe nausea throughout) & the birth

was more intense than I could have possibly imagined, it was all so worth it. Words cannot

describe how in love we are and how blessed we feel.

I am so glad we did the hypnobirthing course, I feel that the techniques and tracks really

helped us through early and active labour, and gave me the confidence to go with and trust

my body and trust that my body and baby knew what to do during transitional phase and birth.



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