On Friday I took the opportunity to present to a group of Midwives at Wodonga Hospital on the HypnoBirthing Australia course that I teach in Albury Wodonga. They were interested to hear that it’s a non-medical antenatal course with a clear focus on the use of hypnotherapy for pregnancy and birth, mindset techniques, knowledge and tools for calm & gentle birthing. It was excellent to hear incredible feedback from the Midwives who had witnessed the power of these techniques first hand in our local hospital. There are plenty of hypnobirthing women attending our local hospital and the positive news is spreading!
Approximately 70% of HypnoBirthing Australia Practitioners happen to be Midwives or health professionals the rest of us are dedicated, highly trained women who have experienced these techniques first hand and are dedicated to making sure this CHOICE is available to women all over Australia and beyond. Besides the competing demands of motherhood, I am dedicated to this program and I’ve experienced the benefits myself…twice.

As I explained in my presentation at our first Pregnancy & Birth Wellbeing Afternoon on Saturday, we are fortunate to have access to more and more antenatal choices in this area. Birth is not necessarily a medical event and so we absolutely must cater to all women. Personally, I am genuinely and proactively supportive of all the various programs that exist here on the border. I’m also interested in women taking responsibility for their birth experience and researching the best option for them.
Let’s keep up with our sisters in the city areas and politely demand the same opportunities. I network with another excellent HypnoBirthing Australia Practitioner who practices in Beechworth, Wangaratta & beyond- Emma at Indigo Gentle Beginnings.  Wodonga Hospital offers an excellent Antenatal Education Program run by inspired and dedicated hospital Midwives who are continually evolving the program and are so open to and positive about complimentary programs like HypnoBirthing Australia and there’s a  small range of further alternative choices such as Calm or Active Birth classes available locally also. We are heading in the right direction but there’s more we can do.
If we’re serious about improving the services, opportunities and experience for women, let’s genuinely promote the CHOICES amongst us. Let’s Hypnobirth Baby is not about me it’s about you- it’s an offering for the women that it ‘speaks’ to and I’m proud to have bought the program to the border. If I can improve the experience for one couple then i’m happy. I receive beautiful regular feedback from hypnobirthing couples I’ve taught- I know this program is needed and appreciated here.

After the incredible success of Saturday’s Pregnancy & Birth Wellbeing Afternoon, Albury Wodonga  Midwifery Services and Let’s Hypnobirth Baby are already planning the next- bigger and better event encompassing further local services and getting really serious about promoting an enhanced pregnancy and birth experience. We are determined to provide an even bigger platform for all the excellent services, support & education we have in this region so stay tuned.

Have an excellent week!


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