Pregnancy is often a time that we women discover new ways to nurture and care for ourselves.  After all, common sense tells us that anything that promotes our well being is likely to have a positive flow on effect for our baby. Of course we want to do our best for that little person growing inside us.

Pregnancy led me to explore numerous practices that previously I’d had little interest in. I used a Chiropractor early in my third trimester when Bub was positioned persistently posterior (tongue twister anyone?!). Two sessions with the Chiro and an ongoing awareness of my posture and optimal fetal positioning made a positive difference.

During my first pregnancy, acupuncture assisted with turning a breech baby late in my third trimester and at the  end of my second pregnancy,  my  Acupuncturist used numerous techniques to assist when bub seemed rather hesitant to make an appearance  after my ‘guess date’ had well and truly passed.

I also explored Kinesiology for the first time. I had a few sessions with a local Albury Kinesiologist when I was seeking  balance and to ensure my energy levels were as optimum as possible – especially in the third trimester when I was feeling  somewhat depleted of energy at times. The mind body connection is very strong and I found the sessions which are a combination of Chiropratic techniques and traditional Chinese medicine very beneficial.

However, the one other practice that really made an impact on me was flotation therapy.  Indeed floating for a full uninterrupted hour is nothing short of amazing.   In the float tank  your body is completely weightless due to the high volume of Epsom salts added to the water. All aches and pains disappear which as some of us know is sheer heaven!  The tank is dark, quiet and the water is heated to body temperature so it becomes difficult to determine where your body ends and the water begins- pure sensory relaxation.  In short, personally I found it to be blissful relaxation during pregnancy when life was busy and I was finding it difficult to find time out to truly stop and ‘connect’ with the baby growing inside me.

From a Hypnobirthing perspective, it’s interesting to note that during a float you produce slower brain-wave patterns, known as alpha and theta waves, normally experienced only during deep meditation or just before falling asleep. This is usually accompanied by very clear thinking, creative thoughts and a deep relaxation induced by the release of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates. So the experience is very much in line with the way in which we practice and prepare ourselves with light self-hypnosis techniques for birth and the perfect environment to listen to the audio tracks (which can be piped in to the tank) or you can just soak up the silence.

The Albury Float Room has very kindly supplied a 1hr float voucher as part of Let’s Hypnobirth Baby’s “Relaxation” themed giveaway on Facebook.  Check out the Albury Float Room on Facebook  or contact directly via

Have you discovered any different therapies that you loved during your pregnancy or beyond?


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  • This blog is based on my own personal experience. As always, take responsibility for your body and baby. Do consult with your primary health care provider before you undertake any form of complimentary therapy to make sure that it is appropriate for you.






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