Let’s Hypnobirth Baby has hit the ground running since January 1. There are a few new plans in the works that have been keeping me very busy indeed… exciting times, I just know that 2016 is going to be great!

Since launching last year I’ve been running small group classes, private classes and two beautiful hypnobubs (both girls) were born before Christmas with  more “hypnobubs” due early this year.  I’ve been invited to present to the Midwives at the Wodonga Maternity Unit in February which is another positive step towards this region embracing positive alternative birth preparation options. I’ve received class bookings and enquiries from Wagga which is wonderful and hopefully it won’t be too long before I can present to local Midwives in the Riverina hub.

I know I’ve said it before, but it really is a joy teaching the Hypnobirthing Australia course in this region and feedback has been very positive, not just from the women, but from their partners also. Birth truly is a team effort so it has been brilliant seeing so many Dad’s embracing this non-medical antenatal education despite any initial skepticism around the ‘Hypno’ in Hypnobirth…not a clucking chicken or swinging watch to be found here! Just sound education, practical tools and techniques.

We spent Christmas at home in Northern NSW with my family. It was interesting taking the opportunity to talk with my sisters about birth, babies and beyond.  Between the three of us we have birthed five babies- two of them born late last year. We all have our own birth stories to tell, but what I find fascinating is that we all approached birth very differently. Even as sisters our perceptions and preparation for birth varied greatly. Between us we’ve experienced hospital antenatal classes, artificial labour induction, IV antibiotics during labour, unassisted vaginal birth, epidurals, drug free water birth, Hypnobirthing,  private midwives, Obstetricians and so much more….. sooo much more.

Personally I place a great deal of importance on the birth experience (that’s fairly obvious isn’t it?!). For me birth is a limited lifetime experience that is worthy of sound preparation, focus and consideration- this is why I teach Hypnobirthing with a pure passion. For my sisters and plenty of other fabulous women I know it’s  a ‘means to an end’- something to pass through and end up with a baby on the other side. I respect this attitude as birth preparation and choices will always be a very individual and personal thing for women. What is right for one is not necessarily right or appropriate for another. Regardless of our various birthing experiences, we all reflect positively on the birth of our babies and it is THIS  that I believe is important. Ultimately we all felt respected, safe and we had choices. We are fortunate women.

3 sisters
Three sisters. Our opinions, values & fashion sense have developed since 1986.

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